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Burglar Strikes B&I Hardware Again!

Posted on 24 October 2012 by admin

By Steve Rowland
JUNCTION CITY – It is doubtful that the saying, ‘Third time is a charm,’ is going to work for this burglar. Upon opening B&I Hardware Store on Monday morning, owner Cary Claar discovered that he had been broken into for a second time in less than two months.
The Junction City Police Dept. came on the scene when summoned early Monday morning by Claar. The officer on the scene called Sgt. Chuck Salsbury with his K9 dog Ike to search the premises in case suspects were still in the building.
“A K9 dog is an efficient way to search quickly and safely,” Sgt. Salsbury said.  “We have collected evidence that the suspect had left behind in hopes of possibly indentifying a suspect. This is the second time, with the same MO [method of operation]. We are working every possible lead and processing all evidence in hopes of being able to solve this crime.”
Sgt. Salsbury added, “Burglaries often a direct offshoot from the money needs of meth and heroin users. We are doing all we can do. There are ways that business and homes can deter such criminals from entering their homes and property.  The recent crime wave, primarily break-ins, of the past few months has made business owners aware of their need to crime-proof their stores. Another store, the Video Revelation was broken into last week.
“There are some common elements in these burglaries,” Sgt. Salsbury said. “Poor lighting, improper door/window security, no video cameras, no horns or audio alarm—all contribute to helping the perp gain entry and, if they haven’t aroused suspicion they will continue to get what they want.”
In response to helping business owners and home owners to become more burglar-proof, the JCPD is willing to visit your property and review its needs for security.
Call Sgt. Salsbury directly at 541.998.1245 and make an appointment for an officer to review your needs and conduct a security check of any business or residence,” Sgt. Salisbury said.
“There will be no cost to anyone within Junction City. The JCPD is in contact with Rick Kissock of the Chamber [Junction City, Harrisburg and Monroe Chamber of Commerce] and are working for dates for a seminar on burglary/crime prevention presentation to the business community, and all who would like to attend. Kissock said that the first presentation will be held at a Chamber Networking Breakfast on Nov. 14, at 7am at the Junction City Moose Lodge.

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