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Should we ignore or do something?

Posted on 31 October 2012 by admin

This past Wednesday, a woman tells a local store owner that she saw two men dressed in black, checking the doors on his store in the early morning hours. She asked the store owner, “Should I have called the police?”
Where has all the common sense gone? Are we afflicted with a virus of apathy?
At The Tribune News we have been asking for involvement from our local high schools for about two years now, and no matter on what level we ask—top, bottom or middle—we get no positive action.
We’ve tried to get this message to the schools but we hadn’t succeeded in getting anyone’s ear until a parent sent an email copy of our frustration to a teacher.
Here’s what the teacher/advisor wrote to us, “If you [The Tribune News] would like high school journalists to help you, then I suggest you take an ad in our school publication, or put your query in to the student announcements.” ??
Whatever happened to a school taking an opportunity to work with a local business for the benefit of the students and the school overall? Am I to understand that the school is run by students and not the guiding wisdom of teachers/administration?
We offer an opportunity for students, many of whom should be encouraged by the school, to participate and get published with an additional venue to their school newspaper. This is an opportunity for a student to get ‘clips’ that they can add to their resume. This is their opportunity to work ‘in the real world’ and increase literary skills, especially if they would like to pursue a career that involves any type of writing. The Tribune News is offering them space that we pay for—to enhance their education and to inform their community.
I ask the schools, “Isn’t a happy community, a community that sees education working outside the bricks more likely to vote positive on tax increases?” I sincerely believe that people pay for value, especially when they understand it.
For parents who want more information about schools and school activities and school sports we ask you to consider the action of the above parent who did get a response. That parent needs your help to work for positive change to get students involved in a real world environment. The Tribune News is offering, at its expense, a venue for our students that is beneficial to them and their community.
Perhaps if more parents would get involved we could bring the schools back into our local paper. This is your newspaper. You, the parent, the reader, can shape its course.

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