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Forward movement in two major Coburg projects

Forward movement in two major Coburg projects

Posted on 24 October 2012 by admin

The first segment of loop path begins and wastewater project in final phase


By Vera Westbrook
For the Tribune

COBURG – Several major projects in the Coburg area are seeing forward movement, with construction of a multi-use path, a wastewater treatment plant and improvements to the I-5 Interchange well underway.

Called the Coburg Loop Path, the project proposes “a 10-foot-wide hard-surface path system that goes in and around the city of Coburg” connecting key areas in town, said City Administrator Petra Schuetz. The concrete path is intended for pedestrians and bicyclists and will be separated from the road. “We are building the first two segments right now.”

The first segment of the path is currently under construction with the Coburg I-5 interchange improvement project. The second part of the path is in the engineering phase and will be a northern extension of the first path system with building plans for next year. The city is currently applying for funding to build the third segment of the path near the Coburg Community Charter School.

The path under current construction is on the west side of the I-5 interchange beginning at Pearl St. and then running south about a quarter mile on the realigned South Coburg Industrial Way to intersect with Roberts Rd.

The second part of the path planned for next year will head north from Pearl St. up toward the newly named, ‘Coburg North’ light industrial area. It then heads west to Sarah Lane to connect to the residential neighborhood.

“The residential connection is essential, as this path system was community designed,” Schuetz said, which will allow residents and visitors to access the path much easier. “The residential connection is also the beginning of two ‘bike boulevard’ routes, which will cross town to make connections with other segments of the path over time.”

The third segment will improve the intersection at the Coburg Elementary School location with a possible path alignment south of Van Duyn Rd. along Coburg Bottom Loop.

“This effort also addresses a need for more balanced local transportation options and a beautiful, safe recreational amenity,” Schuetz said, as people should have options to move around without cars. “We are trying to use the existing public infrastructure more efficiently.”

Although path construction may be well underway, the entire project is a 20-year plan with some constraints.

“One of the constraints is that we are unable to build portions of the plan that are outside the Urban Growth Boundary/City limits,” Schuetz said, but ultimately the path will align with city expansion.

A fourth path segment planned for the distant future will complete the North Coburg Industrial Way extension to Coburg Wetlands Park.

In addition to the Coburg Loop, the City is developing bid documents in November for the ‘hook-up’ or Phase IV of the wastewater project—that’s the final phase where the pipes are hooked up to individual septic tanks.

“We have put all the pipe in the ground in the public right-of-way, and the wastewater treatment plant will be finished by the end of winter,” Schuetz said. “We will be hooking up the first business property to the treatment plant on Apr. 1.”

For more information about the Coburg Loop Path, the Coburg Wastewater Project and other major projects, visit the City of Coburg’s website at

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Coburg Community Charter School changes bylaws

Posted on 09 October 2012 by admin

COBURG – The CCCS Board of Directors held an interim board meeting and a special meeting of the voting membership, to consider and vote on proposed changes to the bylaws of CCCS. The current bylaws had been deemed by the board to be unworkable for the non-profit corporation that had begun as the parent organization of the former Coburg neighborhood school and had transitioned into CCCS.
Ninety eight percent of the voting membership present voted in favor of the proposed changes. These changes amended the current CCCS by-laws to convert CCCS from a non-profit corporation with voting members to a non-profit corporation with board-elected directors and stakeholders.
Stakeholders now have the right to petition the board to consider or reconsider an issue or decision that falls under the board’s scope, if 20 percent of stakeholders agree to the request. The CCCS Board of Directors, at their meeting on Sept. 10 proposed these changes and approved the motion unanimously.
In addition, the board then unanimously approved the motion to replace the pertinent sections of the existing bylaws with the new wording that reflect the change to a board-elected governance model.
The board will then forward the bylaw changes to sponsoring district 4j along with a copy of the approved minutes of the meeting to comply with the terms of the CCCS charter
The CCCS board meets on the second Monday of the month. The new meeting time will be 6:30pm to better accommodate staff and parent schedules.
Comments and questions can be emailed to the board at

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Coburg water rates study to be completed in January

Posted on 26 September 2012 by admin

COBURG – The City of Coburg has solicited proposals for a Water Rates Study to update the 2006 study. The focus is to ensure the City’s water and reclaimed waste water facilities have sufficient, defensible funding to meet the current and future needs of the system.
The City Council will consider the recommendations from the study and may amend water system policies as a result.
The target completion date for the Water rates study is January, 2013.
If you are interested in this process, please note City council agendas and/or website updates. City Council materials are available at City Hall and at
The City of Coburg owns and operates a water system which supplies about 3,500 residents and employees through 500 connections. Contact Bob Butler, Public Works director with general questions about your water service at 541.682.7857.

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Skill Days

Posted on 06 September 2012 by admin

CCCS offers opportunities for students to learn new things and
adults to share what they know

By Gini Bramlett
For the Tribune
COBURG – Do you have a skill you’d like to share with kids? The Coburg Community Charter School (CCCS) happens to be on the lookout for adults who have a little time and skills that could give kids an opportunity to learn something they may not normally learn during the average school day.
The program is called ‘Skill Days’ which happens each term on four consecutive Fridays.
“It’s kind of a mini elective,” said board member Leah Claypool who has a child attending CCCS. “It gives them an opportunity to try different things and to interact with someone new.” She said it’s also a way to get the community involved in the school.
The kids get to choose their three favorites from what’s available and each class is an hour long. The list of choices can include playing musical instruments, as well as sports such as baseball, softball, track, archery and even karate. Still other less common choices might be sign language, cartooning, painting, flyfishing and fly tying and making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Now what kid wouldn’t want to learn that! Last year they even had a class on veterinary medicine.
“Recently, we had someone offer to do a rodeo roping class,” said Leah.
Sometimes though, the classes kids want may be full, so they may have to choose a class they hadn’t particularly wanted.
“If there isn’t room, it’d be a new experience,” said Leah. “We try to accommodate, but it’s about trying something new.”
She also noted that a child would never be forced to do something they don’t want to do.
They are always looking for people to come and share something, but wanted parents to know that the children are carefully supervised by parents who act as volunteers.
After the last class in the spring, an assembly offers kids the opportunity to share what they’ve learned, not to mention giving them some experience with public speaking.
If you or someone you know has a skill or interest that might interest a group of mixed age kids for an hour, contact Leah Claypool at 541.513.4967.

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Coburg Antique fair on Sunday

Posted on 06 September 2012 by admin

COBURG – The 25th annual Coburg Antique Fair is this Sunday, Sept. 9 from 8am-4pm in the historic town of Coburg.
Start the day with a hearty pancake breakfast at the IOOF Hall. Shop at your leisure though the historic district for treasures from the past.
Enjoy lunch in the park from one of the outstanding food vendors and listen to the great sounds of the live band while you hunt for that special antique.
The fair offers free admission and parking with shuttle bus, along with 220 plus dealers, live music, food on site, a park setting and vintage to Victorian.
Antique appraisals are from 1-3pm at $5 per item at the Coburg Grange.
Additional shopper’s information at or 541.357.7055.
This event is sponsored by Coburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

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To our fine community

To our fine community

Posted on 14 August 2012 by admin

By Steve Rowland
For The Tribune
Your community newspaper, The Tribune News, is here to stay. As you know, our staff and printing and web are supported by advertisers and subscribers. We have now designed our newspaper to flex its pages and content based upon a formula that is composed of the number of ads and the number of subscribers, per each weekly copy. This will give The Tribune News stability and allow it to function for years to come.
The Tribune News staff decided last spring that the printed newspaper must have a website that complements the information we offer our readers—we have done that!
We have enhanced our website to include pictures and stories that don’t fit in the weekly paper. We have found that most readers – and we have approximately 4,000 of them – like to read 200-500 word stories. So, for most stories longer than that, we will put the longer version on our website, If a longer version of a story is available on it will be noted at the end of the article in the newspaper.
Also on the website are archived stories and pictures from the past few months of production. This website will grow and so will its information—Check it out.
Thank you all for supporting The Tribune News.

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Coffee with Cops

Posted on 10 July 2012 by admin

Come by for an electrifying evening learning about Tasers

By Steve Rowland
For The Tribune
COBURG – Everyone is invited to the Coburg Grange on Tuesday, July 17 at 6:30pm to learn the truth about Tasers – why the police use them, what the dangers of their use are, and if you should carry your own for personal safety.
The Coburg Police Department is sponsoring a presentation put on by Lane County Sheriff Sgt. Steve Weir. Weir is an expert in the application of Taser technology, which Coburg Police Chief Larry Larson says is rapidly improving.
“A Taser is an important tool for a police officer,” said Larson. “It gives us another option when choosing how to apprehend a suspect. It is helpful in subduing individuals that are irrationally influenced by drugs and/or alcohol. We’ve also used a Taser to control raging dogs. Given a choice, I would much rather use a Taser than fire a bullet, especially with the chance of hurting other people.”

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Rewarded for excellence

Rewarded for excellence

Posted on 22 March 2012 by admin

Heather Worley received the first President’s Volunteer Service Award from Coburg Police Department

by Sarah Moser
for the Tribune
Only a few short months ago, the Coburg Police Department partnered with Former President Bush’s Council on Service and Civic Partnership. With this partnership, the department is now able to honor its volunteers with the ‘President’s Service Award.’
Heather Worley, a student at Lane Community College in the Criminal Justice program, was the first ever to receive this award from the department.
The purpose of the award, which was established in 2003, is to honor those Americans who are dedicated to volunteering and give them some recognition for their hard work.
During Heather’s three consecutive terms volunteering at the department, she clocked in a total of 616 hours. Initially she started volunteering as part

Click here to read more.

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